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High in the mountains north of Hanoi, near the Chinese border, the villagers come from the Hmong, Dao and Nung tribes. The women wear their traditional tribal clothing while they work in the fields and care for water buffaloes, goats, and chickens. The village languages are very different from the main Vietnamese language. So even if there is a public school nearby, these kids have no chance at reading and writing because they don’t know the language.

Sun in My Heart builds preschools that get these tiny children ready to succeed in mainstream schools. The Vietnamese government helps by sending young teachers up to these remote schools perched on the mountainsides.

Right now Sun in My Heart staff is deciding where to build the next village school. The schools have two rooms and a small kitchen. The teachers live on-site and cook meals for the children, who often come to school hungry.

Helping educate kids is what we do. You can help us by donating to this good cause.

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