What we do

Together we give Children a Brighter Future

Who we are

Sun in My Heart started in 2004 in Vietnam when Kim McCluskey and his Vietnamese business partner Huy discovered three homeless girls in Ha Long Bay who were begging out of a small boat because their father had abandoned them. Kim and Huy decided to help those girls, and they used donations to build the girls a house. What Kim and Huy realized was that nothing feels as good as helping children in need — And now, years later, hundreds of people have discovered that same joy through helping children through Sun in My Heart. Since those humble beginnings, Sun in My Heart has build schools across Northern Vietnam and funded Orphanages and Schools in other countries as well including bhutan, Mongolia, Uganda and more! We have a passion for partnering with companies and individuals who like us share a desire to help educate and give children help across the globe.

We believe in giving children a brighter future through education.

Our Mission

Sun in My Heart’s mission is to improve the lives of kids around the world by making sure they have food and shelter and supporting their education. We enjoy working with various companies and individuals that share this passion.

Where Your Donation Goes

Sun in My Heart’s workers are all 100% volunteers. All of your donations go directly to helping children. We’ve set up volunteer partners around the world who help us carry out our work. So if you give $10, that child will receive $10 worth of food, shelter or education. Our corporate sponsors help cover any of our administrative costs so 100% of your donation can go directly to the children who need it the most!

Our Team

Sun in My Heart is ran by a team of Volunteers dedicated to helping children around the world. Our staff is 100% volunteer and all administrative costs are covered by our company sponsors. Your donations go 100% directly to the kids who need it the most and we’re proud of that!

Meet our team

Kim McCluskey

Kim McCluskey has always loved adventure travel and children – so founding Sun in My Heart in 2007 was the perfect combination. It allowed him to work with children which he loved all around the globe.

Brad Ruoho

Brad is the founder of Legacy Toys, a Toy company with stores in Minnesota and North Dakota. He joined the Sun in My Heart team in 2010. Brad enjoys traveling the world and bringing toys, school supplies and necessities to kids around the globe. Brad says, “There is nothing more enjoyable then seeing a giant grin on a child’s face when you hand them a coloring book and crayons!”

Vu Huy

Huy, a Vietnamese businessman who worked hard to build two successful companies, teamed up with Kim McCluskey to build five schools in Vietnam and has committed resources to ongoing support since then.

+ 100 great-hearted volunteers

Want to help?

We always need donations and volunteers. Volunteers have spoken about our work to their clubs and churches. Some churches and clubs have sponsored fund raisers to help our kids. Call Kim at 218-235-9900 if you want to talk more about how to help.