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School built by Sun in My Heart in Ba Be, Vietnam

Sun in My Heart is always looking for new partners and people to work with. As we travel the world, we love discovering new places and finding how we can give back to the communities we visit. Through the years we have built some amazing relationships with people from around the world. Through visiting the places we help first hand we know that all funds sent are used properly and for the reasons they were provided. If $5 is given to buy a child schoolbooks, 100% of that donation will go towards purchasing schoolbooks for that child. There are no overhead fees taken out of any of our donations.

Here are some of the current projects we are working on, please browse through them, read their stories and see if there are any projects that you would be interested in helping out on in any way. We thank you for looking at the projects we work with and for considering helping needy children around the world to better their lives, education and future.

Orphanage in Bhutan

Posted by on Dec 30th, 2011 in Current Projects | 1 comment

We’ve come back from our trip to Bhutan and delivered many needed things to the children. Pictures will be coming soon.

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Orphanage in Africa

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Orphanage in Africa

I received an email from a wonderful gal in Rwanda, Africa who has been helping homeless children by taking them in, feeding them and schooling them after theĀ horrificĀ incidents in Rwanda. She was in desperate need of some school supplies for nearly 100 children that she was taking care of. We met and were able to get her all the school supplies she was in need of. We decided at Sun in my Heart that we wanted to regularly help support the project and decided to help fund other items they were in need of.   Here is a recent email from...

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