How You Can Help

We hope that by looking at our organization, you can see that we really love helping children around the world. Through our travels, we have found amazing people who share like minded goals. We’d love it if you would consider joining us in our goals to reach needy children and help them better their lives through, food, clothing, education and helping provide a future. There are many ways you can help, first off, providing a donation of any amount, your funds will go directly to the project and will help children. We’re very proud of the fact that all administration is volunteered and we don’t take out any administrative fees of any donation. Your donation will go directly to the project you choose to support. Your donation is also Tax¬†Deductible¬†100%. In addition to looking at donating to help fund a project, if you would like to take further initiative, you can choose to travel with us and help complete a project. If you would be at all interested in learning more about this exciting option, please contact us and we’ll let you know what trips we have planned to see if any would be of interest to you.

Sun In My Heart

All donations to the General Sun In My Heart fund will be used as needed to help children around the world.
$ 77,468.84 raised.
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