Helping children around the world since 2003

Helping children around the world since 2003

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  1. Pastor Balinda Florence says:

    I will always not not forget to recognize and appreciate the work done by sun in my heart. when I started Rwitch Orphanage project in Africa, it was not easy at all until when sun in my heart started helping us.Our children are all in school, having good health and living a happy life because of the assistance given by sun in my heart. As the name of organization is, our children received sun in their heart.
    May continue to bless Kim and him more prosperous so that millions of suffering children can also have sun in their heart

  2. OKWII RICHARD says:

    Sun in my heart deserves a credit for the great work it is doing to save a lot of suffering children world wide. The work done by sun in my heart especially in Africa is highly appreciated. Rwitch Orphanage project is one of the foundation in Africa that has stood because of sun in my heart. May always bless the CEO of sun in my heart
    The secretary
    Rwitch Orphanage project

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